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Crawlers in Amok

When i was returning from a dinner at St. Teresa monastry, in the Library they gave beatufill small concert. At the end they wished  people here the Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year. I had heard so many such wisches before. Millions of them. 

I had thought about some dinner from my dreams. With all grandfathers and my father and mother and rest of the familly, like in old and so difficult time. But i was also thinking about Marshall. Almost whole Poland before the II World War was called him grandfather and has wished him an imitable offspring. Very few was aware why they was not calling him a father but the grandfather. Well, if we would have different President of the United States just before the war, maybe my father will have a chance to hold a very familly dinner at some Christmas. 

But some evill people has once againe won and our fmilly fate was, as through hundreds years, very tragic one. My father after beign taken by the MO has landed in soviet psychiatric hospital, life of me and my mother was completly ruined and as some General died in very mysterious circumstances on the eve of so called liberation, nobody has paid any contribution to the people that from the ages was fighting on so many fronts for the liberation, sometimes completly unco nations. 

Well, while beign on the Ghandi like protest in the very heart of my familly problems, i feel like beign in the concentration camp and while i walking through the Dam Square while i see the christmas tree i see thie one from the old photography of Adolf Hitler. I know that in this balck-white world place of the Radziwill familly is in such camps and place of the Death Squadrons is in my familly hotels. I see it every day. I missing our Inspector Crusoe so much, he was able to resolve the mistery of my father, but has faded away on the very 88...

As this post is in part about this evill people that was behind plot with my father and even much more bloody ones. They of course, as usual was fighting for the democracy and the freedom. But with the actions that was full of perfidion and so often, so unecessary, and aimed at the masses. However, in the Western world nobody was looking at the costs and the reasons. Even more, if he has come to close this group, very often, dissapeared without traces or in strange circumstances.

For so many years they was completly untouchabled that even in the post cold war era, when the world was no longer balck-and-white (well, it wasn't never like this, maybe with the exception of the Adolf Hitler) they was completly without absolve. They was like the holly cows in India. But as raptorial and rampart as never before. There was no saint persons for them, even more, they was so often making a saints from the people, sometimes thier own people sacrificing them for the highest reasons...

I will tell you a litte bit about one very precisious part of thier conspiracy, about how they was recruiting thier death squadrons. The most valuable people for them, was this one that did not counted with thier lifes. The best one was a people with HIV/AIDS that had thier days counted and simply did not cared about thier death. If it could be artistic and monumental it was something that was doing them happy and ready for everything.

There is some thing that is beatufill symbol of this activit and some organization. Something that describes them and correlate them. As i throught this blog, step by step, i try to show you this complex case and my investigation. There is some other writer in Poland that was describing thier crimes. Just few days ago he has been convicted of organising the murder of some because he suspected he had become his wife's lover. You can read more about this case here.

What is important there is a book that he has wrote. He was so sure of beign immunable to the system of justice that has described whole crime in the book with a details. And named his masterpiece 'AMOK' to present it with elate to his firends...

Before staurday two weeks ago i was in the MAKOM  which in 80s was called AMOK. It is a place that from the nightmare of my father. Officially offering a shellter to drug using people in the backdoor making a requritment of sick on the AIDS people that could be used as the perfect bombers and core of futher death squadron. There are also people that was unconfortable for thier masters. In this cases they usualy was taked to the psychiatres and was sent to the mental termination. You can meet so many there that like my father are just a wreck. And everything was done under the European Union flag...

When i had visited them few times in past weeks i always meets a guy that i had named the Kapo from the Malta. He was by hours hanging before the comupter and was watching a videos from the recent riots against the Malta regime. A reason? He was just looking for the people that was familiar for him and that could be usefull for very specyfic - Guantanamo like - greek questioning. I see there, what i had seen in Poland during the soviet occupation - even the colours (blue and white/yellow) are this same.

I wanted to meet with the boss of AMOK, that i know from various sometimes inter-govermental conferences and meetings to ask him about his work on supporting human-rights activist and organizations that are fighting all over the world for drug users rights. I know that his friend from corellated network here is making a fundraising for this purpose. She is from fameus familly of Theo van Dam. Promiment person that does not need to speek to one of  very first persons that has organized so many demonstrations and was participating and beign one of the very first public representative of the drug users in Poland and maybe even  in the whole Central Europe.

Today i was in different AMOK location to eat free some soup and drink coffe. When i had entered this place i had a dejavu, a the desk i noticed a clone of the KAPO from the main headquaters of AMOK. While i spent more that quater of hour on the registration many of people has entered this place. I was completly under impression of a memory of this guy, he was better that many computer programs we have in recognizing the face and correlating it with the name. Almost 100% accurance, really impressive. And so similliar to the guy from the main location as well as to Mr.  Joep Ommen from the ENCOD. Another drug-user organization. I am not racist, but this people from the Malta are for sure! How to explain, that all of them, even the author  of this books looks just like Mr. Weseli on the drawing? Is this choose and untouchable nation? Sorry?

And now when i read in the Western media about another outpost made by this people but in the Iran that just today was closed by the police, i do not wonder. I know that this military cliche was  using people like this Noble Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, which books  are very prized in the Midlle-East and amog the Sufi, to serve as a schield, as a fasade. While the organizations  in thier backyard and under slogans of so called freedom and human right was performing or was preparing highly millitary - terrorist operations. It is a case in Iran but also in many other countries like Russia.

They need to be aware that such mixes, of people that really work towards enlgihtment and terrorist or millitary operatives cannot be tollerated anymore. They need to be aware that Counter Intelligence Services all over the world are already aware of the scheme and groups that i am presenting on  this blog and that they will meet simillar fate. If the West want to bring freedom and human-rights to the thrid-world countries, then first should take a look at what he has created in his own backyard, puriffy it, and then we can think about cooperation with other countries. But only fair-play cooperation! Stop the militarization of the Civil Society!!!

Before You  will go blindly in the defense of such people. Read again this post. FIRST: STOP THE MILITARIZATION OF THE CIVIL SOCIETY!!!


Darugaj said...

Artur, czy zamierzasz wracać jeszcze do publikowania po Polsku i do jakiejś w miarę czynnej działalności na jej obszarze?

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

w tym momencie?
kompletny dysydent
dwie sprawy, jedno o posiadanie
druga prawno - skarbowa

wiec o czym tu mowic?

Darugaj said...

Ech, to faktycznie przesrane, życzę powodzenia, gdzieśkolwiek jest - i jak na dysydenta przystało - nie poddawaj się :)