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Castle 67

Today some police officer has waked me up on my boat. He has toke me on their police boat to the police station. For moment i really felt as an admiral of their fleet. Just for a moment, in my dream. I had been taken back to reality very quickly. They has asked me for my identity,  i did not had any id card. So they needed to check it over the internet...

Well, i have been trying again explain my form of protest and the reason behind it. But, as usual, reaction did not surprised me. I was again very briefly, as most fundamental reason of current status quo of my case, my family case, is some royal file. 

Because, while i was fully civilian person... And i must tell you more, even representative of the civil society coalition that was defending a rights of drug using peoples. Yes, i was personally speaking in their name to such representatives of the civil society and their institutions as the Polish Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the United Nation, to name a few, i has come under supervision of the secret services. And to complicate an issue even more, my case is a part of much more vast struggle. 

This make it impossible for normal police forces to make an normal investigation. To make it possible, it will first requires to open this secret royal file. And it looks that the only way (and i am even not sure if it is possible at all) to do this is through vote in their Parliament!

* * *

Marshal Pilsudzki did not feel good. He has cold, his body was not as strong as in past. Yes, he had truly horse health, as we was saying in Poland. But it was in old times. 

He has just finished to read newspapers. Situation was not good, they was still waiting on call from London. Marshal Pilsudzki could not do anything... He has thought about his bloody mare - Kasztanka. 

"Well, there is something what i still can do, i will write a letter to my French colleague" - he has said to himself...

* * *

When i has come on my standard walk around the city somebody has jogged me brutally. I was shocked, because most people knows how the King, true King, can teach them diplomacy. However, his face looked familiar to me. I was shocked again when he has opened his mouth and said to me, that i own him his tool. Yes, he smites my eyes, as usually i do... It was true and i could not say anything in my defense. He was rightful in his claim. I has forgotten about this.

However, somebody has stolen this tool from me and i was sure who he was and why he has did. I am sure that they has even left some traces in their papers, but what i could say to him. I told him that i did not forgotten. Yes, my honor was pained, because i do not throw my words on wind as some do. Withal he was right, but what i could do, i did not had any money, except some quoter dollar from 1984 that while did not had any serious monetary value was priceless for me, personally.

It was not nice situation, because this persons was very recognized in the local community and through this incident i was ashamed in it. This stolen tool was like bone of friction. The devil hand has taken a part in this, for sure...

* * *

Jozef Beck was excited, his talks in the Teheran was perfect one. Both sides had very clear views and the memory of old alliance and brotherly ties was as alive as never before. The Republic of Poland could count on whole possible help that it could receive from this proud nation.

The pact that has been just written down on a pergamine was maybe not so important like alliance with the United Kingdom, but still was something that could uphold morale inside the Polish nation. Situation in the III Reich was not very optimistic, polish espionage has signalized that another wave of military buildup is on the way. In addition,  Beck has been warned, that some american companies are opening new factories in the Reich. He was shocked...

* * *

When i had entered the library i was cogitating about my yesterday night and my latest discoveries. It  looks that a trace that i has sent to my colleagues in Iran was more important that i has thought on begining. Through looking back from my very familly point of view on things that has happend since last edition of the war of worlds i has discovered direct link that has shaped course of the action in the Middle-East and even beyond as this matter was highly religious one in his nature.

I was thinking if i will see some face on recently very popural islamic news tv channel. But then, again i has meet the bodyguard. He has said to me that i cannot  visit this bibliothek for sixt months. Well, again, he has waked up me from some kind of letharg. But then suddently some kind of translator, a meddiator, has come on the stage. I was again asking for a reason and contact to somebody to who i could write in this case. As it looked very seriously. 

This has reminded me a situation that, well, in some sense is occuring in some kind of cycle. The latest episod was just few days ago, they was trying to block my access to the very latest public tools i can have. I could go to some other place, well, i would like to drink a coffe so i will do it anyway. However something has changed and i have been allowed to go into. Under a promise that i will not make futher problems. Whatever this means. Well, they was gabbling something about demonization.

Well, the issues that i am touching in my posts are both historical as religious, so it does not wonder, that they can hurt a faith of some. I know it very well... You can trust me...

* * *

To be continued... 
I hope...

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