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Who is Tautur?

Hello world!
Witaj swiecie!
My name is Taurus. Artur Taurus. I have been born at 24 April 1979. Some, because of this and the story of my father - Jan Radosz calls me Children of the Revolution. Islamic Revolution...
Until 15 November 2008 (4 P.B. - po Bushu) i was know as Artur Radosz. However, after discovering my family roots and harms that was done in past by the people from families just like from Targowica, as my not so far cousin - Adam Mickiewicz - i decided to change my name to more roots one - Taurus. Since that day, please, call me Taurus. Artur Taurus - in short Tautur.

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Dariusz said...

Tautur, jak tam żyjesz? Zamierzasz jeszcze wracać do czynnej działalności, czy zawiesiłeś się w Holandii na stałe :)?