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Ma Khomet

Today it was very cold in Amsterdam. Some say that at night it can be even minus ten deegrees above ground zero. This has reminded me another ancient familly story about some appocaliptic battle of Ray in Perisia whene as they say there was first time snow raining in the Bahgdad.

It reminds me also a name of most famfous and the greates of all of Islam's Imams - the name of prophet Mahomet and sacred text of Avesta, that gives some clues about meaning of it and his origin. Does it not sound like ma cometh?

Some say, and you can find it also in Avesta, which is root of all monotheisme religions in Euro-Asia, that there was big catashtrophe milleniums ago and that some has survived in some underground shellter. Some say, that ancient race was so powerfull that throught controlling mangnetism of the Moon was able to sent to the Earth a big metor and with huge precision bring it down to destroy thier so hated traget. And. as a consequences, almost all human life on the Earth...They also was very arrogant...

If so, maybe there is much bigger sense in name of our beloved prophet? Maybe there is a bigger sense in the story of Bethleyem star as well the story of end of the world that was propageted by... Pope Silvester II at year 1000.

Even if not, it is still resonable to think about recent changes in the climat. Just in this year, at 11 January 2008 it was snowing in Bahdad again... Most people there has saw snow for the first time in thier life.

When i am walking around Amsterdam streets looking for pieces of food, drinks and joints that has been left by turists, so often i meet local people there. Most, if not all, knows my story, from this site and from other sources. Most of them agree with me, but they do not do anything while they are day-to-day observers of this situation and are aware of harms that thier govenrment and secret services did to me and my familly. Yes i am popular person in Amsterdam.

But very often, especially when it is so cold and close to minus ten degree, i think about them as the ideal society to rule that was trained in this way throught hundreds of years - by culture and religion. They are even better that citizens of the Weimar Republic. Just completly paralyzed. Very often when i am walking i shout to them - Where are humans in this Gomorra? They are just like not a homo sapiens but as a homo mechs - completly dehumanized - perfect society - childrens of Irenee DuPont.

It is sad to observe this...

But lets go back to our main topic of this post - Thinking about unthinkable. Well, this weather and the string of recent speciall service operation that has thier finall in Mumbai (today head of NSA India has been dismissed) reminds me and i see it now very crystally clear that some crazy people in some so-called state of Childrens of God, still are trying to create and catalyze next war.

I know very well foundaments of Bush-Dunham Inc. war doctrine and machine as war machine as well thier problems with law agencies and economic markets. And i can understand, as some bankers in time between I and II war - the economical and ideological reasons that are pushing thier armies to go for another war. But, did thier has thought what this could do to our common Mother Earth?

Make another war in some region, sell more stell, more arms, more rockets, ships and so on. Yes, this will stimulate economy very well, it will save the dollar, but what this will do to the Earth?

Here i would like to recal Pentagon own report that shows a unthinkable scenario - that can by implemented very quickly by pushing for war and as consequences could push humanking back into this mysthical shelter for hundreds of years. Maybe in difference to our ancient ancestorst, we still not own fully the magnetic power, but our weapons, our war industires and their war machine, can do this job good as well. In just one year...

Still do not belive? Then take just short look at this Pentagon report that has leaked to public in 2004 and is entitled: Thinking about unthinkable - An Abrupt Climate Change Scenarion - something that has been prepeared by american elitte and is now very ready to be put into practice.

If so, humankind, in very best case, will be throwed back into something like the New Middleages. With higlhy millitarized society that is shaped by neo-feudal rules. We will not think about what we can discover, we will not think about our past, morality and ethics. We will need to fight, one against another, brother against brother, simply to survive, to protect our energy resources, our food and sefaty of our familly and our neo-tribes.

And the weather, food, drinking water and life quality will be worst and worst with each passing month. This is the best case if we will not turn back from this road. And we not need atomic bombs at all to achieve this... Our heating specialists can do this by simply continuing thier idiotic war-games...

People of the Netherlands are and will be very affected by this scenario. Thier land can simply disappear from the map, can be wipped out of map by the Mother Earth. So why, thier own secret services are so activly pushing us for war to implement this devil's scenario?

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* Report has been removed from the orginal page after the change in White House

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