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11/28/08 still in Orange

While thier President Elect has wished his nation a happy Thanks Giving day and recalled President Lincoln deecree he has inspired me to recall his familly friends as well as my. The orange collor that was used on his imperiall website have very special meaning for me, as well as to some one from his childhood - i mean Rebecca and Katherine Dunham's.

Yes, very this same persons from Dunham-Bush Malaysian Breyaya Incorporated, our heating specialists, from masters of Peoples Temple and Waxo massacres...

Here i present you a poem that i has found some day ago while looking for more informations on some Divine Horsemen story,Hawaii dances and rites and some Hawaii WoodRose Babe - some Voo-Doo plant used in ancient rituals. Weeding rites that was founding stone, that has created, the american elite...



Carolyn Moore Layton, Peoples Temple,
Ukiah, California, 1969

I am that which unties a man’s
very substance from itself, that which
annuls. He drapes his dark

handkerchief over a woman’s
face & I wait until her knuckles whiten
on each of the wheelchair’s rests.
He commands her: Walk.
His own legs buckle as she rises

until I lay my hands
on his, & he can deliver her—
all of them—disease dislodged

from deep within their bowels.
Freed of the paralysis of capitalism!
he pronounces, straightening with
my fingertips. Marceline may be
his white moon, but I am his Venus,
impenetrable as her clouds,

the only one he can’t spit
back up, another bloody chicken
gizzard to pull from their mouths
like a cancer. I hiss, boiling,
my touch saltpeter & steam, vanadium,
transforming him like a god
to oil of vitriol. He devours me

whole, a poisoned orange.
Mouth to my skin, he tastes me,

his lips on mine. Each time
we fuck, his sheet’s starch turns
to black beneath us—soot in a fire—
& my sugar smokes columnar
hard, dark, & caramel-sweet. I am

consumed & then remade,
the one who has passed through death
to emerge on the other side.

It is simple chemistry. I am
the one left to pick up the pieces,
to arrange them as I see fit.

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